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Every time I start thinking that I’m overworked, I think about my grandmother. At 80 years old, she was still working full time in a paper mill. I tried being a mill worker when it was time to get my first job. Do you know how long I lasted? Three measly months. I may not be as tough as my grandmother, but I did learn the value of working hard from her and my parents. I’m pretty sure my grandmother would roll her eyes a bit if I told her that I’m a hard-working Realtor. Selling houses isn’t like heading down to the mill, but my clients appreciate the values I learned from my grandma.

The thing about watching my parents and grandparents work so hard is that I learned to value all hardworking people. As a tribute to them, I run my business to provide the best value for my clients at an affordable rate. You won’t find me cutting corners so I can sneak out early. I’m a nose to the grindstone worker, and my clients reap the benefits--finding the right house as quickly as possible with the least fuss, all while offering discounted commissions.

I haven’t met a client yet who doesn’t work hard for their money. That’s why I split the commission with them! Buying a house takes a lot of time and financial investment. I’m busting my butt to find the right home in the right neighborhood. My clients are doing their part by hashing out what they need versus what would be nice but isn’t necessary. It’s all hard work. And then once you buy the house, you have to deal with moving expenses and purchasing furniture and so many other things that you can’t always plan for. I figure all of my clients can use a few extra dollars (typically thousands) to rent a moving van, purchase a new sofa or just relax at one of the great pubs in our area.

So give this hard-working discount real estate agent a call if you’re looking for a full-service Realtor to sort out the contracts, deadlines, inspection, appraisal, title, and closing and then rebate a portion of the commission back to you so you can celebrate your new home in style, or just get yourself a decent dining room table--your choice.

I offer discounted real estate services in Utah and California.

Give me a call anytime to discuss how you can save money on your next real estate purchase.  

Aaron Peters