The ins and outs of buying or selling a short sale in Utah are challenging, even for most real estate agents. Here are the answers to buyer's and seller's most common questions about short sales.

Short Sale In Utah

What Is A Short Sale?

A Utah short sale happens when a homeowner experiencing difficult financial times requests their mortgage lender to accept a purchase offer for less than what the borrower (homeowner) owes on the property.  The bank agrees to accept the offer, forgiving the difference between the sale price and the remaining mortgage balance.

The difference between what is owed and the price the bank agrees to is the amount the seller is short.

For example, if the seller purchased a Salt Lake City home at the height of the real…

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Navigating the Utah 1031 Exchange process can be intimidating. Here are the steps necessary to defer capital gains taxes on real estate.

1031 Exchange Process

Understanding the 1031 exchange process is confusing, even for experienced investors. Capital gains taxes are high, so you should do plenty of research before starting the exchange process. Lucky for you, as a real estate investor and full-time discount real estate broker, I have the answers to the most common 1031 exchange questions. 

You will learn about the transactional steps involved in a 1031 exchange, the different types of 1031 exchanges, what kinds of properties qualify, mandatory deadlines, what a boot is, and more.

After reading this article, you will be prepared to navigate the exchange process,…

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Which city experienced the highest real estate appreciation rate in Salt Lake County in the past decade [2012-2022]? Here's a hint, it's not on the east bench.

Salt Lake County Home Appreciation

Salt Lake County's real estate market has experienced explosive appreciation for the last ten years.  Of course, some areas have appreciated much faster than others, but most homeowners in every SLC city should be sitting on hefty equity gains. 

If you're looking to buy a home in the fastest-appreciating areas, this resource will help you determine where to invest your hard-earned money.

While the past can not predict the future, it does provide valuable insight. We gathered home sales data from every city in Salt Lake County to determine which areas appreciate most. The results…

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A Utah home buyer needs to understand all the real estate costs. Here is a list of the most common costs home buyers should be prepared to pay.

Utah Home Buyer Cost

All the fees of buying real estate can add up fast.  As a Utah homeowner and full-time discount realtor, I know how expensive real estate transactions can be for a Utah home buyer.

This article will help you understand closing costs, real estate agent commissions, lender fees, down payment assistance programs, earnest money deposits, and more.

After reading this article, you will be financially prepared for the inevitable expenses of buying a home and how to avoid some of the unnecessary fees.

Cost Of Buying A Home

Down Payment

An upfront payment to the lender at closing is based on…

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Pepperwood Sandy, UT, HOA and homes for sale.

Pepperwood Sandy, UT

The Pepperwood neighborhood in Sandy, UT was established in 1973 and embodied gated luxury in Salt Lake County. With around-the-clock guarded gates to ensure the privacy and security of its residents. This massive development has nearly six hundred single-family lots across 477 acres. The residents enjoy spacious streets and abundant amenities such as a common area with a pavilion, a massive swimming pool, a hot tub, a splash pad, a playground, and sports courts. Experience the best in community living at Pepperwood.

All Pepperwood Homes For Sale

Founders Of Pepperwood Sandy, UT 


On August 29, 1973, Charles H. Horman and M. Gordon Johnson signed and filed the Articles of…

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Everything you need to know about home loans in Utah. 

Home Loans In Utah

Understanding home loans in Utah can be challenging and intimidating, especially for first-time home buyers. However, as a local homeowner and full-time discount real estate agent, I recognize the need for a better mortgage guide than most real estate agent websites offer.

This interview will explain the best loan types, the home loan process, how to lower your interest rate, and why you should avoid cash bank deposits. 

After reading this article, you'll know the right questions to ask your loan officer and how to avoid typical mistakes homebuyers make during a home loan process.

This is an interview with an experienced local Loan Officer, Daniel Paris.

What Is A Loan…

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