Choose a Federal Heights home for great cafes.A Federal Heights home is in a great area of Salt Lake City. This neighborhood is situated in the northeast corner of the city near the University of Utah and the Wasatch Mountain Range. This means that there are an abundance of opportunities for outdoor recreation as well as opportunities to support the athletics and arts programs at the University of Utah. Many professors and employees of the University make their home here. There is gorgeous scenery in this neighborhood and it is easy to get to Red Butte Canyon Research Natural Area, Tomahawk Natural Area, Eleventh Avenue Park, City Creek, and the City Creek Natural Area. Go hiking, view wildlife, and get away from the stress of the city.

Choose from a variety of Federal Heights real estate styles. Most of the homes are historic in nature with ample character. The area originally housed soldiers who served at Fort Douglas and as time went on, developers utilized the slope of the area to make a unique neighborhood with narrow, curved streets. Find large sidewalks, quaint tree lined streets, and interesting architecture, including mid century modern and others that have been added over the years. Federal Heights is a popular area that has become one of the most upscale and distinguished neighborhoods of Salt Lake City.

Shopping Salt Lake City Real Estate? Federal Heights Has Great Museums and Cafes

This area of Salt Lake City real estate is very walkable. There are many things to do nearby. There are museums, bars, restaurants, and many attractions. Visit the Utah Museum of Fine Arts, Fort Douglas Military Museum, Utah Museum of Natural History, and Rice Eccles Stadium. Grab something to eat at The Pie Pizzeria, Aristo’s, Big Ed’s, Market Street Broiler or B & D Burgers. Get out and enjoy the nightlife or get some work done at J. Willard Marriott Library. There are also many places to shop nearby to find everything needed for your Federal Heights home.