Choose a Granary District home for an awesome life.It is an exciting time to own a Granary District home. The name may not sound that exciting, in fact the thought of living near something like a granary may be a little off putting, but it is really a cool area. You see, the cool new vibes all began when hip visual artists decided to move into some of the abandoned warehouses about 10 years ago. Who ever knew that abandoned warehouses could be so cool?

The Granary District is an Awesome Salt Lake City Real Estate Location

In the years since, this neighborhood has really seen a revival. Businesses are popping up everywhere, more people are moving in, and it is turning out to be a great spot close to downtown. Those who have decided to call the Granary District home are banding together to make this place shine. The city has even noticed the good things going on and has plans for streetcar line to connect this area with downtown Salt Lake City. Get in now while the area is raw and fresh and stamp your name as one of the visionaries.

There are already an abundance of cool things to do in this neighborhood of Salt Lake City real estate. These warehouse buildings serve great locations for businesses. Do some shopping for vintage clothing at Decades, go to Nappi Clothing, and outfit yourself for the slopes at Level 9 Sports. When your tummy starts rumbling, grab a bite at R&R BBQ, Lucky 13, or Rico’s. Meet a friend for coffee at Publik Coffee Roasters or go out for a beer after work at Epic Brewing or The Woodshed. Channel your inner Scotsman and cheer loudly (maybe with a few profanities) for your favorite soccer team at The Republican or go for Irish at Piper Down.

In addition to shopping, food, and drink, there are plenty of opportunities to play in the Granary District. Gain some elevation at Front Climbing Gym, enjoy some live music at The State Room, and watch for Haunted Houses near Halloween. This area has much to do and has a bright future. Your friends may think you are a little crazy for settling into an area with old warehouses and vacant lots, but just smile, because you know something they don’t about how special this area is.