Park City real estate owners go snow tubing.Living in Park City real estate during the winter is truly an epic experience. There are so many ways to enjoy the snow in the area and one way that is truly family friendly in every way, is tubing. Sure, you can trudge around near your Park City real estate tubing on your own trying to create a fast run, or you could come to Woodward Park City, which has implemented some amazing upgrades.

Gather Up All Your Friends for a Fun Afternoon Near Your Park City Home

This spot, which used to be known as Gorgoza Tubing Hill, has added more lanes for tubing and also has two moving carpets to make sure that everyone has a great time. There are seven tubing lanes available that are well groomed. Have no worries about ruts, plants, or trees ruining your run. Feel the wind in your hair and the smile on your face as you zoom down lanes that are over 1200 feet long. Come out during the day or tube under the stars at night.

Two hour tubing sessions are available all day long and start at the top of each hour. Prices range between $40 and $60 for a two hour session depending on the day, time, and volume of people. Warm beverages and tasty treats are available inside Action Sports Hub. Take advantage anytime your tummy rumbles or you would like a break to warm up.

All who call Park City home are invited to read more about tubing at Woodward Park City online. Also follow the links on the site to read more about skiing, snowboarding, cheer, freeride mountain biking, BMX, skateboarding, camps, and other activities available at Woodward Park City. Pay per day or also consider a monthly or annual membership for the best deal. Space is also available for rent for team training, birthday parties, and corporate events.