"Sell my house fast, Utah" isn't grammatically correct, but it is a popular Google search. Therefore, I've decided it is worth my time to outline how to sell your Utah house fast.

Selling A House Fast In Utah

Fully grasping the ins and outs of real estate is a full-time job. Who has the time to spend researching the real estate process when all you want to know is how to sell your house fast for the most money?

As a homeowner and full-time discount realtor, I'm providing a guide to sell your house in the least amount of time. I'll even show you how to eliminate paying real estate brokerage commissions.

You will learn what it takes to sell your house fast with a Realtor on the MLS, if a fair all-cash offer is the right option for you, why seller financing is a great strategy to maximize profits while eliminating agent commissions and below market value purchase offers from a cash home buyer.

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Listing Your Home with a Realtor

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Spruce Up Your Yard

When Utah home buyers tour a property, they form an emotional attachment within minutes. Since the first thing they see is the landscaping, ensuring the yard creates a positive and lasting impression is crucial. Even if your landscaping is already excellent, give it a facelift. Enhance curb appeal by adding fresh mulch, replacing dead or damaged lawns with sod, and planting vibrant flowers.

Depending on your yard's size, these improvements can be completed quickly and cheaply.

Declutter Your Home

Selling your Utah home quickly requires facing a harsh reality. While your family vacation photos may bring back wonderful memories, they can be a distraction for potential buyers

Also, it's best to remove knick-knacks. Although these items may hold sentimental value, they can appear as mere clutter to agents and buyers.

Just to remind you, anything you don't use weekly should be placed in storage. This approach ensures the home appears spacious, clean, and neutral to potential buyers.

It's best not to showcase your religious affiliation, favorite sports team, past travel adventures, or personal preferences like your favorite beer. The goal is to create a blank canvas that allows buyers to imagine themselves living comfortably in the space. 

New Paint And Carpet

If your first question is, "Should we paint and carpet?" the answer is most likely "Absolutely."

paint Utah house to sell

When you live in a home, it's easy to fool yourself into thinking no one will ever notice the coffee stain on the carpet in the corner, the pet odor that's a permanent part of the carpet fibers, or the chipped paint throughout the home.  

If other properties in your price range have new carpet and paint, you'll probably receive some thank-you letters from listing agents selling other homes in your area. Your unpainted house will help your neighbor sell their home while your home sits on the market. 

In any Utah real estate market, there are two types of homesHomes that sell, and homes that help sell other homes fast. 

New paint and carpet are the least expensive improvements a homeowner can make that will help sell their house fast and for more money.

List With A Top Producing Real Estate Agent

Hiring an experienced Realtor when selling your Utah home is essential to ensure a successful sale. Look for a top-producing Realtor who not only has a proven track record but also offers a significant commission discount.

Unsure how to find a top-producing discount agent? Well, you're in luck because you're already on the right website! DiscountAgent.com is my (Aaron Peters) personal real estate website. I have consistently ranked in the top 3.3% for annual Utah real estate sales in 2018, 2019, 2020,2021, and 2022.

Top Producing Utah Agent

A skilled Realtor with effective marketing strategies will maximize the potential of your home's online listing. In today's digital age, there are numerous tools available for marketing. Make sure you hire a Realtor who is well-versed in utilizing these digital tools to sell your home faster than your neighbors.

Price Your Home To Sell

Here's the most important tip for selling your house fast on the multiple listing service (MLS). Price your home right from the beginning. 

Any experienced Utah real estate broker will tell you four things about selling homes: Price, Location, Condition, and Marketing.

PRICE is the most important of all four selling factors. You can sell any house fast if it's priced at market value. If the home is priced right, buyers will purchase a haunted house contaminated with meth on Utah's busiest street that backs up to a stinky mink farm. Buyers will ignore your property listing if it is priced wrong. 

Price Your Utah Home Right

Listing your home for way more than it is worth will usually net you far less than listing your house for less than it is worth. Homebuyers know a good deal when they see one.

A low listing price typically has buyers, agents, and investors lining your street to make an offer. Multiple offers equal more leverage for the seller, which means more money in the seller's pocket and a faster sale

Pro Tip: Don't base your sales price on active home listings in your neighborhood. Appraisers can only use sold homes to arrive at market value.

Accept A Cash Offer

We all hear about our friend, family member, or neighbor who listed their home on the Utah MLS and sold their home to a cash home buyer. People act like cash home buyers are everywhere, but that's not true.

All Cash Utah Home Buyers

Even during the rocket-fueled real estate market in 2021, when cash home sales hit an all-time high, only 32% of homes in the United States sold for all cash. While 32% represents many cash home buyers, 68% of all home buyers require traditional financing to purchase a home.

Don't get your hopes up that you'll sell your house fast to the next California buyer looking to buy houses for cash to move to Utah.

What makes a cash offer more appealing than using traditional bank financing? Cash home buyers searching for homes on the MLS are usually not investors. Instead, they are homeowners looking to occupy the home. Therefore, these cash buyers should rely on experienced real estate agents to structure their offers. The benefit of working with cash home buyers is they provide a hassle-free solution to sell the house quickly in as-is condition.

If you accept an offer from a buyer willing to pay cash for your Utah house, ensure the buyer removes the financing and appraisal contingency. A cash offer with an appraisal contingency is no stronger than a traditional sale.

Pro Tip: A competitive cash offer is better than a buyer obtaining a mortgage if they streamline the home selling process by eliminating contractual contingencies.

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Sell To A Cash Investor

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When selling your home and an investor gives you an all-cash offer, it may initially feel like a dream come true. However, before eagerly signing the purchase agreement, it's crucial to consider the offer carefully. While investors can seem like the perfect solution, it's important to remember that their goal is financial gain.

Investors, whether individuals or companies (iBuyers), are motivated to purchase your home at a price that maximizes their profits.

Reputable cash home buyers will submit a fair cash offer (below market value) with a quick closing date. Unlike selling to a cash buyer on the MLS looking to occupy the property, an experienced (investor) cash buyer will buy the home as-is making the home selling process fast and easy.

Depending on your property address and situation, investors can be a great way to sell your house fast.

Pros Of Selling To A Cash Investor

Sell your Utah house in As-is condition. Technically every house for sale on the Utah MLS is being sold in as-is condition, but very few traditional buyers will purchase a home that requires minor, let alone major repairs.

The investor has no intention of living in the property, so they don't care if your kitchen is outdated or your dog ate the baseboards. Most investors look for outdated homes that need significant repairs so they can remodel them and sell them for 
top dollar to the retail homebuyer searching for their next home on the local Utah MLS.

 Sell House To A Utah Cash Buyer

  • Higher Chance The Transaction Will Close

    Trusted cash home buyers are more likely to finalize the real estate transaction on or before the agreed-upon closing date.

    The traditional way of buying a home presents significant risk. Utah home buyers applying for a mortgage are subject to the bank's strict lending guidelines and appraisals, which can make the house-selling process less of the American dream and more like the American nightmare. Traditional home buyers constantly miss deadlines, ultimately requesting an extension on their closing date.

    Accepting an all-cash offer allows you to sell fast, at a fair price, and walk away from all the repairs you've been avoiding for years.

  • Sell Your House Faster
    Cash home buyers can close your Utah house in days instead of months. Most investors will complete the real estate transaction in 10-14 days from the time you accept their purchase offer.

    Retail (MLS) buyers working with a real estate agent and relying on a mortgage to purchase your Utah house will usually take 30-45 days to close on your house.

  • Closing Costs
    Closing costs for a seller include purchasing an expensive title policy to protect the buyer from any liens or encumbrances. Investors often sweeten their cash offer by paying the seller's closing costs.

Pro Tip:  Typical Seller Closing Costs Are 1% Of The Purchase Price. 


Cons Of Selling To A Cash Investor

Cons Of Selling To A Cash Buyer In UT

  • You Don't Know Who Is Buying Your House

    When investors say they're buying your Utah house for cash, they don't always intend to be the end buyer.  

    There are many ways an investor makes money. For example, the investor offering you cash for your home might be the end buyer looking to add to their portfolio of rental properties or make some quick money by doing a fix and flip.

    However, the investor that called you after you Googled "sell my house fast" might be a wholesaler. A wholesaler has no intention of actually purchasing your property.

    A wholesaler is precisely what it sounds like. They are the middleman for the end buyer. They negotiate a very low purchase price, then assign(sell the purchase contract) the real estate purchase contract for a fee to another investor looking to buy houses for cash.

    Don't worry. The terms of the contract remain the same regardless of who the end buyer. In addition, the closing date and as-is cash offer remain unchanged.

    The biggest issue with the wholesaler is they will cancel the contract if they can not locate an investor willing to pay their assignment fees.

  • Less Money In Your Pocket

    Just because you accepted a fair cash offer for your Utah house doesn't mean you maximized your financial gains. There is always a trade-off. If you accept a cash offer to sell your house fast, you must be prepared to sell at a discount.

    Real estate solutions offered by investors provide Utah home sellers an easy answer to a burdensome rental property, a vacant house, or even homeowners who owe liens, but it comes at a cost.

    Easy, fast real estate transaction usually means less money.

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Seller Financing

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Selling your Utah house fast by accepting a fair cash offer isn't the only option to offload your Salt Lake City property quickly. Seller finance is a great option that most homeowners shy away from because they're only familiar with the traditional way to sell their homes.

Seller financing is an excellent option for homeowners who have paid off their mortgages. The absence of a mortgage lender creates a hassle-free opportunity for the owner to sell to a buyer on terms and negotiate a fast closing deadline since there is no need for the home buyer to jump through the hoops of lender guidelines.

Most real estate owners with 100% equity are looking for financial gain. But, unfortunately, selling their Utah house to a cash home buyer isn't in their best interest.

Often they've owned the property for decades and are not in a hurry to sell especially if it's not for top dollar. Their lack of urgency to sell fast makes using a real estate agent an unlikely route. Their goal is to maximize their profit, and paying an agent 6% of the sales price is a significant chunk of equity.

So why is seller financing a great option? Speed to close and more money in their pocket if they're willing to offer the buyer terms.

Even in a slow real estate market, sellers can usually find a buyer to give them a top dollar if the seller is willing to take on the role of the lender. The seller and buyer negotiate the price, interest rate, and how many years the buyer has to pay off the property.

How Does Seller Financing Benefit The Seller?

  • Save money on closing costs. You may be able to negotiate the buyer pays for the seller's title insurance policy.
  • Sell your house fast. Since no lender is involved in the transaction, you can close with a title company in days instead of weeks or months.
  • Eliminate real estate agent commissions.  If you need an agent, hire a discount real estate agent like myself to list your property on the MLS.
  • Eliminate property taxes, insurance, and maintenance. These become the buyer's burden.
  • Make interest on the buyer's mortgage payments. This is easy money!
  • Transfer unwanted property or bad rental tenants to the buyer while making a profit.

How Do Buyers Benefit From Seller Financing?

  • Lower closing costs. If you eliminate the bank, you eliminate most of your closing costs.
  • No real estate agent commissions. Even though buyers don't technically pay real estate agent commissions, commissions are baked into the home's purchase price, resulting in higher prices.
  • Bad credit doesn't affect you. Since the seller is the bank, your credit score doesn't play a role in your ability to purchase a home.
  • Eliminate PMI. Again if you eliminate the bank, you eliminate some of the high borrowing costs.

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This article was all about how to sell your house fast in Utah. Listing your home with the right agent on the MLS, accepting a fair all-cash offer, or becoming the bank by utilizing seller financing are all great options to sell a house fast in Utah.

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