Strut your mutt near Salt Lake City homes at Liberty Park.Calling all dogs living in Salt Lake City homes! Grab your humans and have them bring you to the Strut Your Mutt event at Liberty Park this Saturday, October 12th. The event is a fundraiser for the many groups helping dogs, cats, and other creatures find homes on Salt Lake City real estate, get spayed or neutered, and get free or low-cost vaccinations. Have your people visit Strut Your Mutt online to register and start raising money for all the less-fortunate animals out there. On Friday between 3 and 6 p.m., come on down to Liberty Park for early bird registration and to pick up their event t-shirts. If they can’t make it on Friday, registration starts at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday morning. The walk will be at noon, with treats for us along the way, and the event closes at 4 p.m. 

Dogs, Kids, and Grown-ups from Salt Lake City Real Estate Will Have a Blast

It’s not just a walk! Grown up humans will love relaxing at the beer garden. On-site food trucks will have tons of different human treats. Live music will be playing, too! Little humans are welcome to come and run around in their own activity zone. All us dogs aren’t forgotten, either. We have our own area for playing and sniffing all the interesting new scents. Just remember that there will be lots of people, both the tall and the short, as well as dogs. If you’re a dog who has a rough time in new and busy situations, just send your humans off to represent you. For everyone’s safety, we’re going to be on our leashes and on our best behavior. In case your humans forget, remind them to leave cats, birds, and other pets at home.

The event is very popular, and parking is limited. If you can, carpool with other dogs from Salt Lake City homes. Public transportation is another option. Strut Your Mutt will be at the northwest corner of Liberty Park, at 600 East 900 Street.