What is a Utah discount real estate broker

A discount real estate broker (or agent) charges less than the industry standard.  What's the standard commission in Utah?  Well, that's a tricky question since all brokerage fees are negotiable.  The common fee structure in Utah is 6%.  Three percent (3%) of the real estate sales price is paid to the listing agent, and three percent (3%) is paid toward the buyer's agent commission (BAC).

DiscountAgent.com's Utah Discount Commission Model.

  • 1% listing broker commission to sell your house.  
  • 50% commission rebate to clients who use us to buy a home.

If you have questions about Aaron's discount agent business model or services, call 801-243-8900 or email Aaron@DiscountAgent.com.

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Are you tired of paying hefty commissions to traditional real estate agents? Discover the world of Utah discount real estate brokers – a cost-effective alternative that can help you save thousands of dollars without compromising on quality service. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll answer the question, “What is a discount real estate broker?” and unveil the secrets behind them, how they save you money, and how to choose the right one for your needs.

Key Takeaways

  • Discount real estate brokers offer cost-saving options to help clients save thousands of dollars in fees, such as lower commission rates and flat fee services.

  • Considering savings, technology, customer reviews, and agent experience is vital when evaluating discount real estate brokers.

  • Researching and comparing different options can help identify the best broker for your needs while providing invaluable local market expertise during a successful transaction.

Understanding Discount Real Estate Brokers

In today’s competitive real estate market, many home buyers and sellers are turning to discount realtors as a way to save money without sacrificing service. Discount real estate brokers work under discount brokerages, offering reduced commission rates or flat fee services compared to traditional agents, making them popular among savvy consumers.

Let’s uncover the differences between a discount real estate broker and a full-service realtor.

What is a Discount Real Estate Broker?

A discount real estate broker, also known as a discount real estate agent, offers the same services as a traditional real estate agent but at a reduced cost. This means that they assist in buying or selling a property, marketing, and negotiation, all at a fraction of the price charged by a traditional agent. For instance, while a full-service real estate agent might charge a 3% commission, a discount broker may charge as little as 0.5% or a flat fee.

The catch? A discount realtor may offer limited services, while others may have high minimum fees. Evaluating the services the discount broker provides helps determine if their flat rate is a good deal. Furthermore, the agent’s experience plays a significant role as it can impact the service quality, which might cost more than the savings. Therefore, researching and comparing many discount brokers is a sensible approach to making an informed decision.

Types of Discount Real Estate Brokers

Full service discount real estate brokers vs limited service UT

There are two main types of discount real estate brokerages – full and limited-service. A full-service discount brokerage provides the same services as a traditional agent but at a reduced cost, making them an attractive option for those looking to save money without compromising service quality. On the other hand, a limited-service discount realtor offers reduced fees in exchange for a more limited range of services.

Alternatives to discount broker options encompass virtual full-service brokers, flat fee MLS brokers, and companies like DiscountAgent.com, Redfin, Clever Real Estate, and Congress Realty. Each of these options comes with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Hence, your specific needs and goals should guide your decision in choosing a discount real estate broker.

How Discount Real Estate Brokers Save You Money

The primary motivation for people to opt for discount real estate brokers is to save money. But the question arises - how do they offer reduced rates without compromising service quality? The truth is the real estate industry has been protecting its high commissions to pad the agent's pockets.  There is plenty of money in a real estate transaction to offer phenomenal service to Utah homebuyers and sellers at a discount and still make an excellent living.   Discount agents offer lower listing commission rates, agent commission rebates, and flat fee services.  

Thanks to these cost-saving options, discount brokers can help clients pocket thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on real estate fees.

Lower Commission Rates

Discount broker vs traditional Utah real estate brokers

Lower commission rates are one of the main attractions of working with a discount real estate broker. These brokers offer:

Offering reduced commission rates allows discount real estate agents, also known as discount brokers, to save clients a significant sum on their real estate transactions through a discount real estate brokerage.

Discount brokers are known to offer competitive commission rates. These rates may be as low as 1%-2%, which have been pre-negotiated. This means that a home seller could potentially save thousands of dollars on commission fees alone. For instance, using DiscountAgent.com's 1.5% listing fee instead of the traditional 3% could save a client $8,750 on a $650,000 home sale.

Flat Fee Services

Another way discount real estate brokers save clients money is by offering Utah flat fee services. In this model, clients pay a fixed fee for a particular service, irrespective of the property's sale price. A flat fee MLS company, for example, typically provides a listing on the MLS as a minimum, with additional services such as marketing, open houses, and negotiations available for an extra cost.

These flat fee services enable discount brokers to offer lower commission rates, buyer rebates, and other cost-reducing options, resulting in substantial savings for both home buyers and sellers. Nonetheless, it’s crucial to scrutinize the specific services the discount broker offers to ensure they meet your needs and goals.

Discount real estate brokers in Utah

Discount Agents Save You Money

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Evaluating Discount Real Estate Brokers

Selecting the right discount real estate broker ensures a successful and cost-effective transaction. To make an informed decision, it is essential to consider factors such as savings, technology, and customer reviews.

What specific aspects should be your focus when evaluating a potential discount brokerage?

Services Offered

In evaluating discount brokerages, you should consider the range of services they provide. At the very least, a discount broker should offer basic listing and marketing services and easily accessible customer service. Examining the level of services each broker offers and attempting to negotiate the commission fees, if possible, is also a wise approach.

Some discount brokers, such as Aaron Peters with DiscountAgent.com, provide the same services (probably better) and customized support as traditional 3% agents. By understanding the services offered by each discount broker, you can make a more informed decision on which one best fits your needs.

Agent Experience and Performance

When selecting a discount real estate broker, the agent’s experience and performance are critical to bear in mind. One can assess a broker’s experience by looking at:

  • Their years in the industry - I've been a licensed real estate agent in Utah for nearly twenty years.

  • The number of transactions they have completed - I've sold over 400 homes in Utah.

  • Client testimonials and reviews - I have over one hundred 5-Star Google reviews from past clients.

  • Specializations and certifications - I'm a licensed Utah Broker.

  • Understanding of the market

  • Professional Affiliations

  • Any accolades or recognition they have received - besides being Exit Realty's rookie of the year in 2007, I've also been named Utah's top 500 producing agents for the past six years. With nearly 26,000 licensed agents in Utah, I was in the top 2%.  

The experience and performance of a discount real estate broker can significantly impact the real estate transaction process. Studies have indicated that agents with more experience are likely to sell properties faster, although they could sell at lower prices. Therefore, it is crucial to carefully evaluate an agent’s experience and performance before deciding.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

UT discount broker reviews

Customer reviews and testimonials offer valuable insights into the service quality you can anticipate from a discount real estate broker. Researching and perusing reviews from former clients can enhance your understanding of the broker’s performance, expertise, and customer service level.

Aaron Peters, the creator of DiscountAgent.com, has an excellent rating of 5 out of 5 stars, according to 115 reviews on renowned sites like Google, Zillow, and Realtor.com. This further testifies to their excellence in customer service. Considering customer reviews and testimonials will aid in making a well-informed decision when choosing the right discount real estate broker, such as a buyer’s agent, that suits your needs.

Pros and Cons of Working with a Discount Real Estate Broker

pros and cons discount real estate brokers UT

Collaborating with a discount real estate broker can significantly cut down on real estate fees. However, balancing the pros and cons is crucial before finalizing.

While discount brokers can offer significant cost savings, there may be potential drawbacks that you should consider.


Discount real estate brokers can help you save money, which is one of the main advantages of working with them. This cost savings makes them highly desirable when getting the best deal for your property. Offering reduced commission rates and flat fee services enables discount brokers to help clients spare thousands of dollars on real estate fees.

Another benefit is the flexibility provided by discount brokers. They often offer lower listing fees, full access to essential real estate services, and MLS listings. This flexibility allows clients to customize their real estate experience based on their needs and budget.


Despite the potential for cost savings, there are some potential drawbacks to working with a discount real estate broker. One possible disadvantage is the lack of agent support from many discount real estate brokers in Utah (not DiscountAgent.com), as you may be working with a team instead of a single dedicated agent.

Another potential drawback is the limited services some discount brokers offer, which may not be sufficient for your specific needs. Furthermore, the quality of the realtor may be compromised, and the team-based model used by some companies can lead to a lack of personalized service. Therefore, conducting exhaustive research and comparing discount brokers is critical to ensuring you receive the best service and agent experience.

Tips for Choosing the Right Discount Real Estate Broker

Selecting the right discount real estate broker is essential for a successful and cost-effective transaction. To assist you in making the optimal decision, we’ve assembled a few tips to steer you through the process.

Research and Compare Options

Before reaching a decision, it’s vital to research and compare different discount real estate brokers to identify the one that aligns best with your needs. To gather information about various brokers and their offerings, utilize reliable online resources, such as the ‘Reviews: 10 Best Discount Brokerages’ article on Houzeo’s blog.

A thorough research and comparison of options will empower you to decide which discount broker suits your needs best.

Interview Potential Agents

Once you have a shortlist of potential discount real estate brokers, you must interview each of them to ensure they align with your needs and goals. Ask about their experience, commission rate, and market knowledge during the interview. Be mindful of warning signs such as a lack of responsiveness, an inability to provide references or client testimonials, and aggressive or pushy behavior.

Interviewing potential agents will better understand their expertise and help you determine if they match you.

Consider Local Market Expertise

Local discount brokers Utah expertise

Lastly,  local Utah market expertise of a discount real estate broker should not be overlooked. A broker with an in-depth understanding of local market conditions, trends, and pricing can provide invaluable guidance and assist you in navigating the buying or selling process more efficiently.

By considering a broker’s local market expertise, you can ensure that you are working with knowledgeable traditional real estate agents who can help you achieve your real estate goals.


In conclusion, discount real estate brokers in Utah offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional real estate agents, allowing you to save money without sacrificing service quality. By understanding the different types of discount brokers, their services, and their potential pros and cons, you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs. Remember to research and compare options, interview potential agents, and consider their local market expertise before choosing the right discount real estate broker for your real estate transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Utah discount real estate broker frequently asked questions

How does a discount broker work?

Discount brokers are real estate agents with more experience and a higher level of education and licensing that offer Utah home buyers and sellers discounted commission rates.

Why would someone go to a discount real estate agent?

Working with discount agents offers the potential to save on commission fees, making them ideal for those looking for guidance and savings. I offer deeply discounted real estate commissions while still providing local expert guidance.

What is the disadvantage of using a discount broker?

Many discounters in Utah's real estate industry don't provide good service. They rely on a high volume of transitions, which limits their accessibility to their clients. I created DiscountAgent.com to offer full-service experience available from traditional agents and half-price real estate agent commissions.

I created a discount real estate company that combines savings with full service. DiscountAgent.com offers local agents, low listing fees, and buyer's agent commission rebates.

Do discount brokers charge low commissions?

Yes, discount realtors charge lower commissions than the traditional real estate model.

How do discount real estate brokers save clients money?

Discount real estate brokers offer lower commission rates, enabling clients to save money when purchasing or selling Uah homes.

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