Hire a Utah discount real estate agent and save big.Figuring out how to save money is practically a full time occupation these days. But even I know there are some things you don’t want to DIY. When it comes to selling your home, you really do want to have an expert agent in your corner. What?! You might be thinking. But they’re so expensive! Often--usually?--that is true. However, you can hire a Utah discount real estate agent and have all that expert help without having to pay a premium price.

Why would your friendly cheapskate at DiscountAgent.com be recommending you spend a bunch of money on an agent? To start with, selling a house is complicated. There are all sorts of regulations to comply with, and the consequences for getting it wrong are high. You could (maybe) figure it all out by yourself, but why? Your time is valuable, too.

DiscountAgent.com Will List Your Home and Help You Market It

An agent will have access to the MLS and all sorts of resources to market your house online. If you DIY it, you’ll have to pay a fee to list your house on the MLS and come up with your own marketing strategy. The most traffic you get on your house will be in the first week after it’s listed. You need to be ready to go with a bang, while the home is at the top of the “new listing” searches.

An agent is objective. They don’t have the memories of the house that you do. They can tell you what needs to change to appeal to buyers. Most importantly, they can price the house to fit the market. A house that’s priced correctly will sell faster and for more money than an overpriced house. Most people overestimate how much their house is worth.

Do yourself a favor and interview several Utah discount real estate agents. They’ll help you out for less than ordinary agents. Make sure you’ll get good value, with marketing, photography, and coordinating showings. I only charge sellers 1.5% of the listing price, which is about half of what most agents charge.

Give me a call and let’s see if we can work together!