Broadway Lofts SLC, UT: A Guide to Upscale Condos in Downtown Salt Lake City.

Considering a move to Broadway Lofts SLC, UT? Get a straightforward look into these downtown Salt Lake City lofts, marrying historic architecture with modern amenities. This article dives into the practicalities of living in these condominiums - from unit features and building history to the neighborhood’s cultural pulse, with insights on pricing and unit availability.

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Broadway Lofts Condos For Sale

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Key Takeaways

  • Broadway Lofts blend historical charm with modern living. They feature unique architectural characteristics such as high ceilings, Boffi Italian kitchens, and expansive living spaces while preserving elements like exposed brickwork and ductwork.

  • The location of Broadway Lofts offers residents panoramic views of downtown Salt Lake City, easy access to cultural attractions, shopping, and dining, as well as convenient transportation options with multiple public stops and proximity to major highways and the airport.

  • Prospective buyers should know current market trends and real estate forecasts, such as price variations and availability, with units averaging around $700,000. Prospective buyers are encouraged to keep updated on listings and engage with realtors for assistance in securing a suitable loft.

Discover Broadway Lofts: A Historic Gem in Downtown Salt Lake City

Nestled in the vibrant downtown of Salt Lake City, Broadway Lofts has a story that’s as fascinating as its architecture. Originally constructed in 1901 as a warehouse for the Capital Electric Company, this historic gem has undergone several transformations before becoming the pioneering urban loft building it is today. Designed by the renowned Kenneth MacDonald Jr, Broadway Lofts boasts a Renaissance Revival-style architecture that is a testament to the building’s versatile history and cultural significance within Salt Lake City.

The Broadway Lofts building:

  • Once housed the J.G. McDonald Chocolate Company, a notable landmark in Salt Lake City founded by John T. McDonald

  • Is a four-story commercial structure designed by John A. Headlund

  • Was later transformed into contemporary living spaces known as Broadway Lofts

  • The conversion aimed to preserve the building’s historical character while providing a modern living experience

Broadway Loft Building's Rich History

Broadway Lofts’ history was significantly marked by converting the J.G. McDonald Chocolate Company building into loft-style condos. In 1998, the old brick building was converted into modern living spaces where the only enclosed spaces were the bathrooms, thus retaining the original mechanical systems, ducting, and electrical wiring conduits. This unique blend of history and contemporary living has been well-received by residents.

The building’s rich history is not just confined to its architecture. Its location, too, has historical significance. The building’s address, 159 West 300 South, is a landmark location in the city, marking where the historic John T. McDonald once sold saltwater taffy while on horseback. The building’s history and modern amenities make Broadway Lofts a truly unique living experience.

Unique Architectural Features

Apart from its rich history, Broadway Lofts also features unique architectural elements, including:

  • Bright red brick exterior

  • Open interior design that prioritizes expansive living spaces

  • Brick and steel interiors, high ceilings, and an open-concept layout provide a modern aesthetic.

The 18 ft. ceilings at Broadway Lofts enhance the distinctive ambiance by fostering a sense of spaciousness, openness, and grandeur. This vertical space complements the open-plan concept, facilitates innovative storage solutions, and contributes to the loft’s overall airy atmosphere.

The high-end quality of the Italian kitchens is attributed to:

  • Meticulous customization options

  • Minimalist designs with clean lines

  • The use of high-quality materials that cater to both aesthetic allure and functionality.

Experience Upscale Urban Living at Broadway Lofts

Residing at Broadway Lofts offers more than just shelter; it epitomizes upscale urban living in luxurious residential apartments. The loft-style condos feature:

  • Unique open layout

  • Vibrant Italian kitchens

  • Large stainless steel hoods

  • Floating islands and sliding barn doors

  • Spacious bathrooms with modern amenities and striking design elements

The experience doesn’t stop indoors. Residents at Broadway Lofts enjoy:

  • Unobstructed views in three directions

  • Large warehouse-style windows that provide abundant natural light

  • A feeling of spaciousness

  • Seamless integration with the dynamic urban environment.

These unique architectural features, including high 18ft ceilings, exposed ductwork, and brickwork, enhance the property’s character and upscale urban charm.

Spacious Loft-Style Condos

Several spacious loft-style condos are available at Broadway Lofts, including the sought-after Broadway Loft. Each unit, ranging from one to three bedrooms, has high 18ft ceilings, large warehouse-style windows, exposed ductwork, and exposed brickwork, contributing to an open and spacious industrial aesthetic. The kitchens in these condos stand out due to their high-end Italian design, featuring BOFFI kitchen cabinets and Caesar Stone countertops, which add a touch of luxurious design and quality to each unit.

Some units in Broadway Lofts include upscale modernized kitchens and private rooftop patios. These features and the loft’s unique architectural design make Broadway Lofts a dream home for those seeking a blend of urban living with a touch of history.

Stunning Views of Downtown SLC

Beyond its architectural charm and premium amenities, Broadway Lofts offers captivating views of downtown SLC. Some of its most appealing aspects include:

  • Large warehouse-style windows that provide abundant natural light

  • Stunning views of the vibrant downtown Salt Lake Cityscape

  • Views in three directions, offering a panoramic sight of the city

The view can differ based on the unit’s location, with penthouse-level condos having private decks that provide outstanding views of Salt Lake City. Residents can enjoy the views of prominent landmarks such as Pioneer Park and the historic Peery Hotel from the comfort of their homes.

The Broadway Lofts Lifestyle

Adopting the Broadway Lofts lifestyle goes beyond merely relishing the comforts of your home. The location of Broadway Lofts offers residents easy access to a variety of:

  • Entertainment options

  • Cultural attractions

  • Transportation options

  • Shopping opportunities

  • Dining options

This convenience, coupled with the unique living experience the lofts offer, makes Broadway Lofts a desirable choice for anyone looking to enjoy the best city life.

The Broadway Lofts offer residents:

  • Convenient access to multiple public transportation stops, including Salt Lake City’s bus and light rail services

  • Proximity to shopping venues such as City Creek Shopping Center and Trolley Square

  • Easy access to dining establishments like White Horse and The Copper Onion, all within walking distance.

Proximity to Entertainment and Culture

Residing at Broadway Lofts places you at the epicenter of Salt Lake City’s cultural panorama. Residents enjoy close proximity to various entertainment venues, such as Abravanel Hall, Delta Center, Eccles Theater, and cultural institutions, including Capitol Theatre, The Rose, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art.

Moreover, across the street from Broadway Lofts is the Rose Wagner Performing Art Center, a three-venue arts complex and home base for numerous performing arts organizations. The center provides a diverse range of performances and activities, such as:

  • live music

  • Broadway shows

  • dance events

  • local theater

This offers residents a wealth of cultural experiences just a stone’s throw away from their homes, all on one page.

Convenient Access to Transportation

Broadway Lofts also takes care of your transportation needs. The lofts are conveniently located near multiple public transportation stops, providing residents easy access to Salt Lake City’s bus and light rail services. The nearest TRAX station is within walking distance, making commuting around the city effortless and convenient.

In addition to public transportation, Broadway Lofts is also easily accessible by car, with major highways I-15 and I-80 offering direct routes to various parts of the city and beyond. For those who travel frequently, the Salt Lake City International Airport is just 4.7 miles away, providing convenient accessibility for travelers.

Surrounded by Shopping and Dining Options

Broadway Lofts residents enjoy easy access to many shopping and dining options beyond their home comforts. From local boutiques such as Cotopaxi and Hip & Humble to shopping centers like City Creek Center and Trolley Square, plenty of retail therapy options are within walking distance.

When it comes to dining, residents can choose from various cuisines at nearby restaurants. Whether it’s Valter’s Osteria offering Italian cuisine or Takashi serving American fare, residents have a myriad of dining establishments to choose from. For everyday convenience, various grocery stores, including Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods, and Sprouts Market, are located nearby to meet your daily grocery needs.

Pricing and Availability at Broadway Lofts

Having examined the lifestyle, features, and amenities of Broadway Lofts, we turn our attention to its pricing and availability. The pricing for units at Broadway Lofts varies with factors such as the unit’s size and specific location within the building influencing the pricing. The current average cost of a condominium in Broadway Lofts is $700,000, with the highest-value condo sold within the previous year listed for much higher. Contact one of our discount agents for current market values in Broadway Lofts.

Regarding availability, the frequency of units becoming available at Broadway Lofts is not specified. However, you've come to the right place with the most current listings for Broadway Lofts. a Utah broker owned website pulls the most recent real estate listings from the local multiple listing service (MLS). To ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect loft, it’s advisable to stay updated on these listings and be ready to act when a suitable unit becomes available.

Current Price Range

Broadway Lofts offers a variety of unit sizes and features to accommodate diverse budgets and tastes. The current price range for units starts at $500,000 and goes up depending on the size and features of the unit. For example, a high-end unit such as Unit #301, which boasts over 3,100 square feet of space, two bedrooms, three bathrooms, and impressive 15-foot ceilings, sold for over $1.5m.

Factors that contribute to the pricing of units at Broadway Lofts include:

  • Comparable home values

  • The age, size, and condition of the property

  • Neighborhood appeal

  • The health of the overall housing market

It should be noted that the pricing at Broadway Lofts is similar to that of other condo buildings in downtown Salt Lake City, with the added advantage of a convenient location within walking distance to downtown amenities.

Unit Availability

While specific details on current unit availability at Broadway Lofts are absent at this writing, it is recommended that you stay in regular contact with a real estate agent for the latest updates.

Tips for Finding Your Perfect Loft at Broadway Lofts

Locating your ideal loft at Broadway Lofts requires strategic planning. Here are some tips to guide you in your search. Firstly, consider engaging with an experienced Utah discount realtor who can assist in negotiating a more favorable price and streamline the search process, ultimately saving you time and money. Secondly, it is crucial to prioritize your needs and preferences. Determine which features and amenities at Broadway Lofts are non-negotiable for your comfort and lifestyle.

Finally, staying updated on market trends and new listings can give you a competitive edge in buying. The real estate market in Salt Lake City is influenced by various factors, including:

  • Economic growth

  • Population increase - Utah was the fastest-growing state in 2023.

  • Job market trends

  • Limited housing supply

  • Risk of market fluctuations

By watching these trends, you can make well-informed decisions when the ideal loft becomes available.

Working with a Discount Realtor

Hiring a Utah discount realtor in your search for a loft at Broadway Lofts can offer numerous benefits. I can't speak for all discounters, but one of the most obvious benefits of working with us is you receive a commission rebate and the guidance of one of Utah's top-producing brokers. In addition to offering lower commissions, they will assist in identifying suitable properties, negotiating offers, scheduling the property inspection and negotiating repairs, and working with local title companies to seamlessly navigate the entire home-buying process, thus saving you time and helping you find the perfect loft that suits your needs and budget.

You can find a realtor with expertise in downtown Salt Lake City properties on platforms like or Yelp. A knowledgeable realtor can assist in determining the property's market value and provide information about the commission fee, ensuring that you get the best deal possible.

Prioritizing Home Buyer Needs

You must rank your needs and desires in your quest for a loft at Broadway Lofts. Factors such as the loft’s size, architectural style, open floor plans, and available amenities should be considered. Broadway Lofts offer a blend of industrial charm and contemporary conveniences, including:

  • Stunning views

  • Secure underground parking

  • Controlled entry

  • A pet-welcoming atmosphere

  • A stylish courtyard common area with a lit waterfall

Moreover, consider the community amenities for recreation and fitness, urban lifestyle design, kitchen appliances, interior features, bathrooms, and utilities, including cable, phone, and internet. Security aspects like controlled gated access, night patrol, rooftop sun deck with BBQ/picnic area, resident parking garage, and common area maintenance should also be considered.

Staying Up-to-Date on Market Trends

Keeping abreast of real estate market trends is vital, enabling buyers to make informed decisions. Being aware of timely changes in home and condo prices can prepare potential buyers to act promptly when the ideal loft becomes available at Broadway Lofts. By considering the feedback from previous buyers, one can better understand the value and appeal of these lofts.

The current real estate trends in Salt Lake City indicate:

  • Escalation in home prices, with a median price of around $500K

  • 4% growth in average sale price

  • The average list price of $559K and moving higher

  • The market forecast predicts up from here. Nobody is actually really good at predicting the future, so we'll leave specific predictions to the gypsies and their crystal balls.

By watching these trends and speaking with a full-time real estate broker, you’ll be better positioned to secure your dream loft when it becomes available.


In conclusion, Broadway Lofts offers a unique blend of historical richness and modern sophistication, making it an ideal choice for those seeking upscale urban living in the heart of Salt Lake City. Broadway Lofts presents a truly unmatched lifestyle with its unique architectural features, breathtaking views, and convenient access to cultural attractions, shopping, dining, and public transportation. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, Broadway Lofts offers a living experience that caters to your unique needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unique features of Broadway Lofts?

Broadway Lofts features high 18 ft. ceilings, exposed brick, ductwork, and stunning views of downtown SLC, making it stand out among other properties.

What kind of lifestyle does Broadway Lofts offer?

Broadway Lofts offers a lifestyle of convenience and luxury, with proximity to entertainment, culture, transportation, shopping, and dining options. Live the city life you've always wanted.

How does the pricing of Broadway Lofts compare to other condo buildings in downtown Salt Lake City?

Broadway Lofts' pricing is comparable to that of other condo buildings in downtown Salt Lake City, and it offers the benefit of a convenient location.  

What tips would you suggest for finding the perfect loft at Broadway Lofts?

I suggest working with a discount realtor. The good news is your'e alreay on #1 discount real estate website. Prioritizing your needs and preferences for features and amenities, and staying updated on market trends and new listings to find the perfect loft at Broadway Lofts. These steps help you narrow your options and find the ideal living space.

Are there any nearby cultural attractions?

Broadway Lofts is conveniently located near entertainment venues like Abravanel Hall, Delta Center, and Eccles Theater, as well as cultural institutions like Capitol Theatre and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art. These attractions offer visitors a rich cultural experience.

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