If you're struggling to understand property taxes in Utah, you're not alone. This guide will help you learn when and how property taxes are paid and which counties in Utah have the highest and lowest property tax rates. Keep reading to get a clearer picture.

Property Taxes In Utah

Ever been perplexed by the labyrinth of property taxes in Utah? You’re not alone! Traversing the complexities of property taxes can feel like navigating a maze without a map. But fret not, dear reader. This comprehensive guide is here to illuminate your path, unraveling the intricacies of Utah property taxes. Whether you’re a seasoned homeowner or a first-time buyer, this detailed exploration will equip you with the knowledge you need to make informed decisions and potentially save…

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Most newbie Utah real estate investors only focus on the cap rate and rental income, not realizing one of the most significant benefits of owning rental properties is the depreciation. Read on to learn what depreciation is, if you can depreciate land, and how to use depreciation to lower your tax liability. 

Utah Rental Property Depreciation

Owning a Utah rental property comes with many responsibilities, but it also provides numerous tax benefits. One of these benefits is property depreciation, a tax deduction that can save you thousands of dollars each year. In this blog post, we will explore the ins and outs of property depreciation, from understanding the concept to eligibility requirements, calculating depreciation, and implementing strategies to maximize your tax benefits.

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Capital gains taxes in Utah are scary, but they don't have to be.  As a full-time discount real estate agent, I've outlined the most common questions I hear from sellers regarding taxes on their real estate gains.

Capital Gains Tax In Utah

Understanding and managing capital gains tax in Utah can be daunting, even for experienced investors. Capital gains taxes can significantly impact your financial health, so it's essential to comprehend how they work and how to minimize your tax liability. In this blog post, we'll walk you through the intricacies of capital gains tax in Utah for 2023, discuss tax rates and exemptions, and share strategies to reduce your tax burden. Let's dive in!

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  • Understand the difference between short-term and…

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As a full-time discount realtor, I know how important it is to understand Utah water rights when buying real estate in a desert. Read on to learn what water rights are, who oversees water usage, if water rights are transferable, and the difference between water rights and water shares.

Water Rights In Utah

Water rights are crucial in dry regions like Utah, and recent changes in state laws have sparked renewed interest in understanding water rights in Utah. This post will dive deep into Utah water's nuances, key players in its administration, various types of water rights, and the impacts on natural systems. We will also explore recent changes in legislation and their implications for water rights holders in Utah, as well as important metrics for measuring water…

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Beginners guide to buying and selling Utah real estate using your favorite cryptocurrency. Pros and cons of buying real estate with Bitcoin.

How to Buy Real Estate With Crypto In Utah

The crypto revolution has permeated various industries, and real estate is no exception. The growing popularity of cryptocurrency has paved the way for a new era in property transactions, combining the benefits of digital currency with the traditional process of buying and selling Utah real estate. Intrigued? Let's delve into crypto real estate property transactions and discover how to buy real estate with crypto or sell property using cryptocurrency. My preference is Bitcoin.

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  • Cryptocurrency, real estate transactions offer enhanced privacy, faster and more efficient…

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What Is A Cap Rate Utah

Why do some Utah real estate investments yield higher returns than others? Is there a simple way to evaluate the potential profitability of an investment property? Enter the cap rate – a powerful but simple formula that helps investors quickly calculate a real estate investment's potential return on investment(ROI). But what is a cap rate, and how can you use it to your advantage? This comprehensive guide will answer these questions, debunk common misconceptions, and provide valuable insights into the world of cap rates.

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  • The cap rate is a percentage that determines the potential return on an investment property and is influenced by factors such as location, required rate of return, and growth rate.
  • Cap…

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Does staging a house help you sell for more money? Read on for professional and DIY home staging tips.

Staging A Home In Utah

Imagine transforming your Utah home into a buyer's dream, selling it faster and for more money. Staging a home can make that dream a reality. This powerful marketing strategy has taken the real estate world by storm, and this blog post guide you on the art (more like science) of staging a home. From understanding the importance of staging to avoiding common mistakes, I'll provide expert tips and insights to make your house pop online and in person to interested home buyers.

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  • Home staging has become a key component of selling homes, leading to faster sales and higher home sale prices.
  • Professional stagers can maximize…

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As a full-time Utah discount agent, one of the most common questions I hear is, "How much house can I afford?"

How Much House In Utah Can I Afford

Owning a Utah home is a dream for many, but the question of how much house I can afford often looms large. Navigating the complexities of home affordability can be overwhelming, especially given the ever-changing economic landscape.

Fear not, for we have created a comprehensive guide to help you understand how much house you can afford, so you can make informed decisions and turn your homeownership dream into reality.

This guide will take you through calculating "how much house can I afford," exploring different mortgage types and their impact on affordability, down payment strategies, and other factors to consider that can influence…

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Do you know how to sell your Utah house by owner?  Look no further.  Here's your how-to guide to selling real estate without a Realtor.

Selling A Utah Home By Owner

Are you considering selling your Utah home and want to avoid the hefty real estate agent commissions? You're not alone. More homeowners are choosing to take the "For Sale By Owner" route, giving them more control over the process and the potential to save thousands of dollars.

In this definitive 2023 guide, you'll learn everything you need to know about selling by owner, from understanding the FSBO process and preparing your home for sale to setting the right price, marketing your home effectively, navigating showings and open houses, and evaluating offers and negotiating. Let's dive in!

By Owner Summary

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Great Utah, real estate photos, are essential to selling your home for top dollar. Here are my tips for making sure your home is photo ready.

Utah Real Estate Photography

If you're selling your house, you should schedule plenty of time to prepare your home for the real estate photographer.

As a homeowner and full-time discount real estate broker,  I know how crucial amazing property photos are to sell your house fast. 

You will learn where to invest your time preparing your home for photos, how much real estate photos cost, who pays for the photographer, and if aerial photos are necessary.

Interior Real Estate Photography


Clear the kitchen countertops to emphasize how much counter space the kitchen…

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